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Fore! The Kids Golf Outing

What an amazing time we had this year…at the 9th annual ‘Fore! The Kids’ outing. Thousands of dollars were raised and donated to Compassion International and Samaritan’s Purse/Operation Christmas Child. Thank you to our Platinum Sponsors: Gentex Corporation and underwriters, Interstate Batteries, West Shore Financial and America’s One Title.

200 Golfers joined several volunteers and staff at Diamond Springs Golf Course in Hamilton, MI. This year we were treated to a special guest speaker, Alina. Alina is 21 years old and received a shoebox gift through Operation Christmas Child when she was a little girl living in a Central Asian country. That gift- filled shoebox became a conduit through which Alina heard about the good news of Jesus and learned that God really did love her and care about her. That motivated Alina to overcome a life of poverty, neglect and abuse. She shared from her heart and impacted many people! In return generosity overflowed from the hearts of dozens and dozens of golfers. Hundreds of shoeboxes were adopted, many malaria tents and several water purification systems were donated. Thanks to our sponsors, the golfers, the many volunteers, the staff at Diamond Springs and Alina for making it a very special and

memorable day!

Click on the links below to learn more about Compassion International or Alina or Operation Christmas Child.

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John David
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