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"We work diligently to build products, services and processes around our client's needs - not our own."



Most people’s biggest investment is their home. That’s what we protect. We defend your right to use and enjoy your home as you intended when you bought it. Can you imagine how you might feel if someone else asserted an ownership interest or legal claim on your home? We protect you against undisclosed/missing heirs, wrong or inaccurate deeds, incorrect legal descriptions, forged documents, or wrongly recorded liens. We will even protect you in the future against building permit violations or encroachments by neighbors onto your property.

The best thing about title insurance is its value. Title insurance is a one-time premium, paid at your closing (usually by the seller), and will protect you and/or your heirs for as long as you or they own the property. Never risk owning any real estate without the protection of a title insurance policy.

Why Title Insurance

Title insurance protects you against hidden hazards and human error or fraud that can cause problems in any real estate transaction. Learn more >

Title Calculator

Whether you’re creating a Net Sheet, calculating a Good Faith Estimate, or simply need to calculate title rates and fees.  Learn more >


The more information you have the better choices you make. We’ve gathered a variety of videos, documents and downloadable brochures... Learn more >

Americas One Title Agency

Our Story

America’s One Title Agency, Inc. will be a place where customers understand and value the products & services we provide. Learn more >

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Americas One Title Agency and Team Mortgage Company are proud of the men and women that either actively defend or have defended our country. Learn more >

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Anyone can enjoy the benefits and savings of the ONE Club. It was created to offer our clients and the community Discounts and Savings on things you need around your home. The ONE Club also offers FREE Gift Cards from local businesses and much more:

  • Discounts and Rebates

  • $50 Cash Card on Satellite TV

  • $275 Rebates on Home Security

  • 60% Off Closing Fees for Life

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