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“The more information you have the better choices you make."

Let Us Help You Make Sense of It All

We want to help you stay up-to-date with changes in our real estate related industries. So much is happening so quickly and we are all learning together. Title and settlement pros are an integral part in serving buyers, borrowers, and sellers. Communication, education, and implementation of our industry best practices and adhering strictly to new LE and CD rules are critical to your and our continued success. We take our role seriously and remain committed to helping our clients navigate the rules and implications of all CFPB modifications the real estate and mortgage transaction.

Compliance Resources:

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Expanded Title Insurance

  • Homeowner's Policy

  • Advantage Loan Policy

Standard Title Insurance

  • Owner's Policy

  • Loan Policy

Specialty Products

  • Junior Loan Policy

  • Chain of Title

  • Listing Package

  • Title Search

Closing Services

  • One Call Closings Anywhere, Anytime.

  • No Mobile Closing Fees in Michigan (purchases only)

  • Full Service Escrow

Title Calculator

Moving Checklist

Glossary of Terms

What people say about us

"With America's One, they really know all aspects of real estate transactions...It's a great source of information and a great help for me as a realtor."

- Alex Abramajtys

Realtor, Turnkey Realty

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It's our way of saying thank you!


Anyone can enjoy the benefits and savings of the ONE Club. It was created to offer our clients and the community Discounts and Savings on things you need around your home. The ONE Club also offers FREE Gift Cards from local businesses and much more:

  • Discounts and Rebates

  • $50 Cash Card on Satellite TV

  • $275 Rebates on Home Security

  • 60% Off Closing Fees for Life

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