For Sale By Owner

In the real estate industry, a home or property that is “For Sale by Owner” is a property offered for sale without the assistance of a real estate agent or broker. The acronym for the term, FSBO, pronounced “fizbo,” is the term most commonly associated with For Sale by Owner properties. Depending on where you live or the current condition of the market, real estate brokers typically earn a six to seven percent commission on the sales price of residential real estate. In most cases, the incentive for a seller to list a home FSBO is to pocket this additional money. That could mean profit from $3,000 to $7,000 for every $100,000 of the sales price, and to some that can be a substantial incentive for trying to go it alone.

As a leader in real estate transaction services, America’s One Title Agency knows first-hand the complexities of bringing even the simplest buy-sell transaction to a successful close. We appreciate the incentive that possible additional profit can bring and our experience shows that the commission paid to a real estate professional is a valued investment — often worth much more than the cost of the commission itself.

Basic Steps to Selling Your Home:

  1. Decide how to sell, with an agent or FSBO

  2. Determine the right sales price

  3. Prepare the property for sale

  4. Market your home

  5. Negotiate a contract

  6. Prepare for closing

  7. Closing

To learn more about selling your home, check out our other Free Resources or feel free to call one of our closing representatives.

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